What is “Now, it’s time to play” ? 【Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo】

Interactive installations on the theme of “play” can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Playing with art allows ordinary rules and ways of thinking to be casually brushed aside, and a new perspective to emerge. There will be fabulous photo opportunities, too! Curator Hikari Odaka gives her take on the exhibition highlights.

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Recommended by curator 1

  • Examination Wall / Yoshiaki Kaihatsu

    • The first thing visitors will be confronted with is a climbing wall made up of chests of drawers. This piece represents the pressure students feel from the competitive nature of school entrance exams. At 5 metres in height it’s quite an obstacle, but “backdoor admission” is possible. However, punishing trials await beyond...

  • Yoshiaki Kaihatsu, Examination Wall, reproduction of 2016,
    Installation view at Ichihara Lakeside Museum
    Photo: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu

Recommended by curator 2

  • Cube the Positive Curse / TOLTA

    • An artwork where building blocks with positive Japanese words written on them can be combined to create weird and wonderful sentences. Eventually these positive words may envelop us. Some surprising results ensue, such as “We can make it everyone’s responsibility”.

  • TOLTA, Cube the Positive Curse, 2016
    Exhibition view “Gallery Voltaire”
    Photo: Mito Ikeda
    ©SPIRAL/Wacoal Art Center

Recommended by curator 3

  • Altar of Laughter / Kazuhiro Nomura

    • A participatory piece where the aim is to throw a button and make it land on a pedestal. The chances for success are said to be one in ten thousand, but the multicolored buttons littering the floor from failed attempts create a picture that’s constantly changing from minute to minute. Throw with all your might, and fail spectacularly!

  • Kazuhiro Nomura, Altar of Laughter,
    Exhibition view: “Waiting for spring-Towards a landscape changing color-” 2015, Towada Art Center Aomori
    Photo: Kuniya Oyamada

Now, it's time to play
  • Jul 20 Sat – Oct 20 Sun

    Through the concept of a “time to play” -which is not part of most people’s established routine, this event offers a chance to spark new ideas and reevaluate our sense of values. Six playful artists and artist-teams present works that children and adults can both enjoy. In the exhibition space, a range of experiences await, from large scale pieces you can get lost in, to game-like participation style pieces. By stimulating our curiosity, our mischievous sides, our desire to do something a little different – the source of creativity – the event is sure to offer hints on how to live through our ever-changing world.

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