2017. 12 - 2018. 3

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To truly understand the artist’s feelings, the best place to view the work is a museum.

Special Interview : Rei Dan(Actress)


Text: Seiichiro Furusawa, Photos: Tatsuro Kakishima (Pointer), Stylist: TEAM▲NISHI (C.CORPORATION), Hair & Make up: Keizou Kuroda (Three Peace)
Interview at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
※The information posted is information as of November 2017.


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The real thing is always better

I’ve always enjoyed going to art museums, but being able to really take my time looking around a variety of spaces like this was a fresh experience. I found it interesting how every detail of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is designed to be fun, from the colorful chairs to the triangular tables and staircases. Up till now I’ve only ever visited in order to see the exhibitions, but now I can see myself enjoying the museum in a new way – having a meal there, or taking a stroll through the halls.

Speaking of Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, it was there where I had my first experience working with a museum, when I did the audio guide and played the role of the “image character” for the “Masterpieces from the Philadelphia Museum of Art: Impressionism and Modern Art” exhibition in 2007. Time was limited, but I was able to spend time one-on-one with the works – a special luxury for me. I remember feeling strongly that, while you can see artworks in books, to get the full impact – to be able to experience for yourself the feelings the artist put into the piece – the best way to view art is in a museum.

One painter I’m interested in at the moment is Ito Jakuchu. I always wonder how, over 200 years ago in the Edo era when he lived, he was able to create beautiful paintings with such vivid colors. I’m really curious about the kinds of pigment and paints he used. In his paintings of birds, I’m particularly taken with the parts where the white feathers overlap. Through his painting style, the white color seems to get deeper through this overlapping.



The charm of craftsmanship

I’m also interested in Buddhist statues and crafts. I’m drawn to the idea of something being created from nothing, by the hand of a craftsman.

I also enjoy walking around the city, and I sometimes wander into shops or galleries. I often impulse-buy tableware, and I find it interesting how by lining up the things I’ve bought, I begin to understand my own tastes and preferences. Coming across a maker I hadn’t known about before is a real pleasure for me.

The fun in portraying the subtleties of female psychology

Theatre is another of my passions. I enjoy all genres, from plays and kabuki to musicals and Takarazuka.

In May, 2018 I will be performing in “Karinui” at the Meijiza Theatre. As it’s set in the high-fashion world, the costumes and props will be a real treat for the audience. The original author, Sawako Ariyoshi, portrays the psychological subtleties of her female characters in great detail, so as an actress I’m really looking forward to it.

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