Social Media Moderation Policy

Social Media Moderation Policy

The social media service operated by the executive committee for common entry tickets for museums in Tokyo has established the following social media moderation policy (“the Policy”).
You are asked to agree to this Policy before using the social media services operated by us.


The executive committee for common entry tickets for museums in Tokyo (“the Committee”)
(2)Details of the operation
The Committee will distribute contents including information on the programs operated by the Committee.
(3)Hours of content distribution by each account
10:00 to 17:00 (excluding the year-end and new year holidays and non-working days)In some cases, content may be distributed outside the above hours.
(4)Period of operation
Operation of each page may be terminated or deleted without prior notice.

2.Handling of inquiries

(1)The accounts operated by the Committee do not respond to comments sent to those accounts. Basically, the Committee will not reply to comments/inquiries sent by users.
(2)If you have an opinion or inquiry concerning one of the facilities, please contact that facility directly.

3. Please note the following:

(1)The Committee does not warrant the accuracy, completeness and/or utility of information provided by each account.
(2)The Committee shall not be liable for any comment posted by a user.
(3)The Committee shall not be liable for any damages suffered by a user arising from the use or non-availability of each account.
(4)The Committee shall not be liable for any damages suffered by a user or a third party arising out of a trouble in connection with each account between users or between a user and a third party.
(5)The Committee shall not be liable for any damage suffered by a user or a third party arising from matters related to each account other than the above-listed (1) to (4).
(6)The copyright of content posted by a user belongs to the user who posted the content, but the user shall be deemed to have agreed by posting that content to have granted the right to exclusive use (including reproducing, processing, translating, extracting or publishing) all or part of said content without the user’s prior consent and without any remuneration to the user, and the user shall not exercise his/her copyright or other rights against the Committee.
(7)Fundamentally, the Committee does not collect personal information on users. If the Committee collects personal information, the Committee shall clearly specify the purposes of such collection, shall properly dispose of personal information after those purposes have been completed, and shall not use that information for any purpose other than those clearly specified in advance.
(8)Each account is operated by each of the social media service provider companies (“Service Provider Company”). Accordingly, the Committee cannot answer the inquiries about the operating status of the system of each Service Provider Company. The Committee also cannot answer to inquiries about the functions of the software or applications provided by each Service Provider Company or third parties, how to use the service, or technical issues.
(9)The Committee may change these guidelines without prior notice.


When using any of the accounts, please refrain from the following acts in order to ensure better communication in each account. If a user commits any of the following acts, their postings in the account may be blocked:

(1)Identifying, disclosing, or leaking another user’s or a third party’s personal information without obtaining the consent of the proprietor of that information;
(2)Causing damage to the Committee, other users or a third party;
(3)Falsifying the information provided through each account;
(4)Actions whose purpose is making profit through or in connection with each account;
(5)Infringing upon the copyright or other intellectual property rights of the Committee, other users or other third parties;
(6)Abusing, slandering, dishonoring or damaging the credit of the Committee, other users or third parties;
(7)Offenses against public order and morals, or providing information in offense against public order and morals;
(8)Conducting election campaigns, religious activities or similar activities;
(9)Obstructing the operation of each account;
(10)Fraudulent activities as stipulated by each of the Service Provider Companies;
(11)Posting comments not related to the purposes of each account; or
(12)Other acts deemed inappropriate by the Committee.

5.Governing law and jurisdiction

The laws of Japan shall govern this Policy. For disputes arising out of or in connection with the accounts, Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court in the first instance.