99 Facilities

99 Facilities

Below, listed by area, are the museums and other facilities where you can use Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass 2020.
* Before you purchase the pass or make your visit, be sure to contact the facility or check their website for the latest information.

Types of Tickets in Your Grutto Pass

At the 99 museums and other facilities where you can use your Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass 2020, there are exhibitions for which your pass is an entry ticket and others for which the pass is a discount coupon. Please note that discounts vary depending on the facility, so please check before using your pass as a coupon.
* For details on discounts, please check the information on the exhibition in question.
  • Free of charge
    You can enter just by showing your pass.
  • Discount
    Your pass serves as a discount coupon.

Permanent Exhibitions

Exhibitions that mainly feature the works and materials from the collection of that facility.

Thematic Exhibition / Special Exhibition

An exhibition, held for a limited period, usually on a specific topic or theme.

* Exhibitions may pause for a few days to change the exhibits or other reasons. Please contact the facility before purchasing a pass or going to visit it.