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Announcement of Partial Reopening of Metropolitan Cultural Facilities 〈Hall and Theatre〉

We are pleased to announce that the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, which were temporarily closed due to COVID-19, will reopen and resume the partial services from Monday, June 8, 2020. This decision was taken in response to the lifting of the government’s state of emergency and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s initiation of Step 2 in its Roadmap to Overcoming COVID-19. Upon reopening, we will follow all relevant guidelines and take necessary precautions to prevent the  spread of COVID-19. Please make sure to look through the “Notice to Visitors (COVID-19 Precautionary Measures)” upon arriving at the venue.
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
     Partial reopening of the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and plans for future operations 
 ・Notice to Visitors to the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre 
     Partial reopening from Monday, June 8. 
 (1) Meeting rooms, Rehearsal rooms, Symphony space
    (2) Exhibition spaces
    (3) Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office
    (4) Shops, Cafe, Restaurants

 ・Notice to Visitors to the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Please also note that some facilities will remain closed.
Check the latest information on the facilities’s official websites or Twitter accounts.

We apologize for any resulting inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

                      Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture