Message from the Chairperson

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture is charged with managing the cultural initiatives and assets of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We provide support and essential infrastructure for arts and culture, thereby working to foster a thriving artistic and cultural scene in Tokyo and pass down the history and culture of Edo and Tokyo. The Foundation operates 12 cultural facilities: the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the Tokyo Shibuya Koen-dori Gallery, Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo Arts and Space Residency, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, and the Tokyo Performing Arts Support Center (Suitengu Pit), in addition to running the Arts Council Tokyo. These activities ensure the preservation, use, and enjoyment of artworks and historical materials; the encouragement, cultivation, and wider education of musical and performing arts; and the infrastructure for and promotion of arts and culture.  

    Recently, preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus necessitated the closure of our cultural facilities and the cancellation or postponement of cultural events in accordance with the nationwide emergency declaration and the policies of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We regret that it was not possible for visitors to enjoy exhibitions and performances or for artists to present their work during this period. While hoping for a rapid end to the pandemic, we will redouble our efforts to encourage a vibrant artistic and cultural scene in Tokyo.

    Additionally, the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, now planned to be held in 2021, are also a cultural celebration. In concert with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we will continue to pursue a variety of cultural projects as part of the Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL planned alongside the Olympics, and to share the cultural attractions of Tokyo and Japan with the world.

    Going forward, we will collaborate with many artists, cultural figures, and companies to make our programs and facilities available to even more people, contributing to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s efforts to transform Tokyo into a more culturally vibrant city.

  • Chairperson Hisashi Hieda

    Chairperson Hisashi Hieda

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